What is Old Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan like at Silent Dragon?

(Last Updated On: 22. März 2014)

Gefunden auf What is Old Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan like at Silent Dragon? und dort heißt es weiter:

We teach the original 19th century old style Tai Chi Chuan of Yang, Cheng Fu, or Yang, Lo Sin. This is the original Yang family style, from which is descended the “long” 108 movement Yang form (the old form is 128 moves) and the “short” 36 move form of Cheng, Man-Ching.
This includes not just the form, but also the basic “energies,” the traditional applications, and the philosophical underpinnings needed to develop your own applications on the spur of the moment. But Tai Chi is much more than “just the form.”
“Tai Chi Chuan” translates to “Supreme Ultimate Fist,” which is another way of saying, “My Kung Fu is better than your Kung Fu.” We teach the internal and external exercises necessary to develop a powerful, useful 19th century martial art that will work in today’s world…..

Zum Old Yang Style ein Video, das die Form zeigt:

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