Expansion into space

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The androids had the advantage, among other things, that they could work 23 ½ hours a day. They only needed 30 minutes for their daily update, where they reorganized and exchanged intensively with the data centers that they were always connected to anyway. This was not necessary and was only done when no important tasks had to be done.
In the meantime, there was only one model of androids that was constantly being improved. Why did you need artificial dogs, birds, flies, ants and snakes? This idea was only one of the many stupidities of the people. In the meantime, apart from the reserves, there were only data centers, fusion power plants, workshops and production facilities, and androids, of course.
At the time of the android boom, Helios Robotics had conquered the market for vehicles with oxyhydrogen-fuel engines. Now there were hardly any, because the modern drive consisted of a fusion reactor. This changed the whole earth, including its atmosphere. The once most common element, hydrogen became scarce and ratio shifted to helium as all small fusion reactors, for example for vehicles and space transporters, fused hydrogen into helium. The central AI, however, was powered by the large reactors with energy. There, helium was fused with hydrogen, helium with helium, and experimentally even higher elements.

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The result was a first space station, which was set up as a central data center for our solar system. Millions of androids worked 23 1/2 hours a day on just this single project, this new central data center that included the Central AI. It was to be the first artificial planet. The data center was made up of small units, each unit consisting of a computer, storage and a power supply. These units were firmly connected together in the structure of a crystal. Such a project would have been unthinkable to humans, but androids are not human beings.



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