Baldur alias Jonny_White_Hat with Street-Power-Car

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Baldur did not have the network skills of Dany, but he specialized in moving bits in bytes. He lived in the machine language and read this, like another his native language. Here is not the question of mnemonic symbols or assembler commands, but of machine code, so the zeros and ones. His most important tools were assembler, cross and dis assembler and he knew by heart the instruction sets of all common and some rare CPUs. His world was the architecture of the processors, their instruction set and the machine code in the registers of the processors. There in the registers of the CPU’s he pushed a zero or one to the left or right and got hold of the whole program with such minimal interventions.
Dany and Jonny_ had made contact in real life and made friends. Of course, Jonny_ told his new and only friend his real name, Baldur Neuhost. He also revealed to him his project, which he operated as Jonny_White_Hat and which was known by the name Street Power Car Converter, short SPCC. Of course, Dany knew this new successful company and was surprised that it belonged to Baldur. Dany assured him of his support and so Baldur told him the latest status of SPCC. SPCC consisted of street power and power-car converter.
Street-Power was a patent from which many large companies in the road construction world now acquired a license. Baldur had developed the ideal road surface, which produced electricity that was resilient and easy to maintain. At the same time, it greatly increased road safety and aquaplaning, for example, was a term from the past where this street-power surfacing was used. In addition, he was self-cleaning and could be heated if necessary. This technology gave humans a new source of energy of unbelievable magnitude. The second division of SPCC developed a current collector for e-cars. The street power car converter was also a huge success and all well-known automakers, even if they just converted to e-cars acquired a license.
Baldur badly needed someone to trust, and Dany had the small change money from his first book to be able to accept the offer of a fifty-fifty partnership without a guilty conscience.

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Although Dany had a project of his own, developing an android that could reproduce itself, he called it Heli-Hubot, but he put the project down because it was going badly anyway. From time to time, both of them deal with this hobby, but otherwise they all went to their company SPCC. Now they had another motive for their activities on the net and the company profited from it.
They needed solar cells for the street power surfacing and there was a conspicuousness on this market that not only Dany and Baldur watched tensely. It was Freia who conquered the market in a very strange way with Helio-Solaris.



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