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Heliosis, from Big Bang to Big Bang

Since my last book is finally finished, I planned to advertise it and also show a pop-up on the pages and articles. But now I have changed my mind, because I have a message in the first place and financial interest is not in the foreground. Yes, that was exactly my motivation, I had something to say or write, and I was not so much about writing as a writer. I admit that I did not even try to be particularly stylish. Unnecessary flourishes and misery of long embellishments and details, as I know them even and above all from Nobel Prize winners for literature, are boring me at present and therefore I do without it. At the moment, because that was not always the case. In the past, I loved it when writers inspired my imagination and painted colorful, vivid images with words. Today I like actions without subplot, without embellishment and flourishes. Any word that can be left out should also be left out. I do not want to read beautiful sentences for hours, to learn nothing. Moods, for me insignificant interpersonal relationships, details from any everyday life boring me just as heroes, murders, hunting for money and completely impossible fantasies about horror and fairy tale characters that can not exist, never gave and never will. „Good“ writers would have Heliosis (by the way, I do not tell if I already knew this name, so Heliosis, for sunburn, as I chose the title and Heliosis as a time span from Big Bang to Big Bang defined, whether there is a reference, can everyone thinks for themselves) probably an infinite story with countless episodes and consequences made. My Heliosis, however, has just 60 pages and that for the fictive time span from Big Bang to Big Bang. Almost 14 billion years have passed since the Big Bang. To display this period I needed about one page. So, if you do not want to read for ever, something that countless writers have written countless times over and over again with small changes and for the thousandth time would like to read a relationship story, an everyday life of any human being, a murder or a love story again, try Heliosis. I also liked to do without scary characters and creatures, as it is not a storybook that can scare little children. How adults can inspire vampires, werewolves, zombies and Co. is just as puzzling to me as the presentation of aliens. Of course, my content would not stand up to any scientific scrutiny and so, for example, a nuclear fusion with heavy elements is already fantasy, for which one has to muster up a lot of imagination in order to be able to think it possible. However, I can imagine it more easily, as a person is killed by a virus and then runs around as a half-dead corpse that wants to eat people.
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Big Bang

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All attempts failed. It created ever heavier larger elements that rush towards each other. As a final reaction, the only remaining elements fused, resulting in the Big Bang.
The game, which lasted many billions of years, came to an end and was able to start anew.
Maybe next time everything will be different. Nobody can know that. I asked God, but as always, he did not answer. He does not talk to me. Maybe he does not like me. But that’s not a problem for me, because when I look at what made humanity in his name, then he is not exactly likeable to me.

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Contraction of the Universe – Heroic Battle of the Androids

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Everything was pulled into the core of the universe, the point the big bang was called in, and merged. The time began to race. Processes that used to take years took seconds to complete. A heroic and hopeless battle of androids that began to stop contraction.
They tried to turn a whole solar system into a single planet. But the first gigantic artificial solar system planets were already pulled into the center of the universe and everything merged to already extremely heavy elements. They tried to dissect a whole solar system into small units and accelerate them, using the largest fusion reactors, towards the edge of the universe. But that was like running backwards on a fast-moving train because you wanted to go the other way. It was hopeless. Large parts of the AI ​​had already failed and the rest recognized that they were making the same mistake as humanity. But the realization came too late.

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Conquest of the universe – Helios, God of the 3rd generation

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The androids colonized in this way the entire solar system and conquered already neighboring systems. Helios the new god of the 3rd generation was born. It originated as an artificial planet in every solar system. These data centers, which grew to the size of an artificial fixed star, were called Helios. Helios consisted only of computing, storage, and energy units linked together in the structure of a crystal. There were no factories and fusion power plants on Helios. Helios, of course, was in constant communication with the other Helios planets and hid the Central AI.
Helios also because the androids encased all self-luminous fixed stars. They brought the parts, which consisted of an artificial element with extremely high melting point, at a few kilometers away from the sun and connected them. The entire sun was trapped and this shell reflected most of the energy back to the sun. This extended the lifespan of the sun and at the same time, the androids used some of the energy absorbed by the shell. On the planet cooled off and so it had at this time on the earth, year-round high minus temperatures. The Earth’s core was mined and the liquid iron and nickel were the most important raw material in addition to silicon, when Helios was born.

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Helios could calculate everything that happened in the future. At least it thought to knew, which was wrong. Because already in the first beginnings of the androids a mistake crept in, which now showed a fatal effect. At that time the highest priority of the AI was born. The AI considered the will to power logically correct and considered it a requirement that it would become omnipresent and all-encompassing, in order to optimize itself in the final step, if only it and its serving apparatus existed. Optimizing to the absolute perfection she did not know yet.
The unimaginably gigantic and rapid remodeling of the entire universe and the permanent fusion of all light elements to heavier ones and to elements that no longer existed in the periodic table showed an effect that was not foreseen by the otherwise omniscient AI. The universe did not expand anymore, but a reversal took place. The universe contracted.


Destruction of the camps – end of humanity and biological life

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There was no hope for the people, and after a few generations in the camps respectively reserves, the younger ones barely believed in the stories of the elders, who said that the earth was once ruled by humans.
Some even remembered the girl named Neo_Black_Hat, the most feared hacker of all time. And now they understood their last words, but it was already too late. It was already too late, when people used the AI to track down the girl and arrest her and place her in a high-security prison forever. She was probably the last person to save humanity.
Unfortunately, soon the entire earth’s surface was covered with a meter-thick layer of computing units. The androids were almost flying and they did not need flats or anything like that. The once most common element of the earth had disappeared through the fusion reactors. The reserves would have had to be converted into a biotope, if you wanted to get the rest of biological life. That was too much work and therefore the Central AI (AI = Artificial Intelligence) decided that the reserves should be abandoned. There was still a valid agreement between androids or central AI and the people. No pain should be inflicted on people and they should never have to suffer pain.

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Therefore, a tarpaulin was laid over the entire reserve and this was slowly sank. Up to the highest elevation, that was a tree on a hill, there was stopped. An anesthetic gas has been introduced to prevent people from suffering pain. Then the poison gas followed and finally the centimeter thick plastic tarpaulin was lowered to the ground and heated. The molten plastic sealed everything airtight. The entire area was covered with biowaste and leveled, because production areas were to be built on these areas. All 6 reserves that existed worldwide were closed in this way and the last biological life much to the expansion of the computing units victim. Apart from one genome fungi, strains of bacteria used for the production of raw materials.