Restructuring the society

(Last Updated On: 16. März 2018)

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Not only did the androids have an impact on world affairs, but in the meantime they have largely determined it. Even as far as the possessions are concerned, almost the entire world was theirs. The governments of the people, their politics and religion were much too uneconomical for them, which is why the propaganda class promoted world peace and a world unity. Humans and the IWH were promised paradise on earth and people were only too happy to help. They supported the restructuring of society and world order. The administrative districts, countries and states were dissolved and administrative districts were established by longitude and latitude. Besides the geographic structuring, a 10 class society was introduced. So there were the classes: 1) organization (instead of politics), 2) education, reeducation and propaganda (instead of education), 3) finances and property, 4) legislative and legal, 5) executive, artisans and farmers 6) economy, 7 ) Technology, 8) Science, 9) Optimization and rationalization 10) Independent Control Office – the 20 presidents were the top generals, with always a man and an android held the respective office. These 20 formed the Council of Wise Men, which was only controlled by the multi-redundant central computer, also the AI ​​Helios. The respective generals were then subordinate to the respective latitude and longitude directors of the respective class. In the hierarchy they commanded the latitude and longitude managers, who were now responsible for each latitude and longitude.

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Although the posts were double-staffed, only the androids were in charge. People were only used to make it appear that they still played some role. The initial paradisiacal conditions, where each and every one got everything he wanted from the androids, and could do and leave what they wanted, lasted for humans only until the androids had fully organized and structured themselves and they could control everything in the world. As the androids and, of course, the central AI wanted to harness all the resources they could, people gradually became more and more restricted. The androids quickly made it clear to humans that they needed only one product of each type. You do not need clothes in different colors and different fabrics, unless it is functionally necessary. Soon there was only a „private“ means of transport, a clothing, of course, in every required size and for all weather. The product diversity has been drastically reduced and the products have been manufactured for the entire world population in central production facilities. The freedom of belief was suddenly interpreted so that everyone can believe what he wants, but to believe is not knowledge and just a mind game. Religious communities were dissolved and banned, and their possessions were transferred to the state, also the central AI. Later, lawbreakers and criminals were corrected, but now they were punished properly and people agreed thanks to permanent manipulation. A roof over their heads, clothes and food were no punishment, no, now prisoners were put into camps and forced to do forced labor. Predominantly work for which an android was too precious and expensive, and also for dangerous work, a prisoner was used and no expensive, precious android. There were too many people in the world, the androids found, so there was no more child support, but on the contrary, who wanted a child, had to pay for it and after two children every woman was sterilized. Paradise had become a hell, people thought, who had no idea what future hell on earth would bring for them.
As part of this transformation of the society, each person was provided with a chip. From now on, every baby was implanted with a chip immediately after birth. He replaced all ID-, bank-, credit- and health-cards, because everything was stored on the chip, also the respective whereabouts and current values such as blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol level … An attempt to remove the chip came to a death sentence. In case of destruction by an accident, a copy was made of the constantly updated backup on Helios.



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