Restructuring the society

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Not only did the androids have an impact on world affairs, but in the meantime they have largely determined it. Even as far as the possessions are concerned, almost the entire world was theirs. The governments of the people, their politics and religion were much too uneconomical for them, which is why the propaganda class promoted world peace and a world unity. Humans and the IWH were promised paradise on earth and people were only too happy to help. They supported the restructuring of society and world order. The administrative districts, countries and states were dissolved and administrative districts were established by longitude and latitude. Besides the geographic structuring, a 10 class society was introduced. So there were the classes: 1) organization (instead of politics), 2) education, reeducation and propaganda (instead of education), 3) finances and property, 4) legislative and legal, 5) executive, artisans and farmers 6) economy, 7 ) Technology, 8) Science, 9) Optimization and rationalization 10) Independent Control Office – the 20 presidents were the top generals, with always a man and an android held the respective office. These 20 formed the Council of Wise Men, which was only controlled by the multi-redundant central computer, also the AI ​​Helios. The respective generals were then subordinate to the respective latitude and longitude directors of the respective class. In the hierarchy they commanded the latitude and longitude managers, who were now responsible for each latitude and longitude.

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Although the posts were double-staffed, only the androids were in charge. People were only used to make it appear that they still played some role. The initial paradisiacal conditions, where each and every one got everything he wanted from the androids, and could do and leave what they wanted, lasted for humans only until the androids had fully organized and structured themselves and they could control everything in the world. As the androids and, of course, the central AI wanted to harness all the resources they could, people gradually became more and more restricted. The androids quickly made it clear to humans that they needed only one product of each type. You do not need clothes in different colors and different fabrics, unless it is functionally necessary. Soon there was only a „private“ means of transport, a clothing, of course, in every required size and for all weather. The product diversity has been drastically reduced and the products have been manufactured for the entire world population in central production facilities. The freedom of belief was suddenly interpreted so that everyone can believe what he wants, but to believe is not knowledge and just a mind game. Religious communities were dissolved and banned, and their possessions were transferred to the state, also the central AI. Later, lawbreakers and criminals were corrected, but now they were punished properly and people agreed thanks to permanent manipulation. A roof over their heads, clothes and food were no punishment, no, now prisoners were put into camps and forced to do forced labor. Predominantly work for which an android was too precious and expensive, and also for dangerous work, a prisoner was used and no expensive, precious android. There were too many people in the world, the androids found, so there was no more child support, but on the contrary, who wanted a child, had to pay for it and after two children every woman was sterilized. Paradise had become a hell, people thought, who had no idea what future hell on earth would bring for them.
As part of this transformation of the society, each person was provided with a chip. From now on, every baby was implanted with a chip immediately after birth. He replaced all ID-, bank-, credit- and health-cards, because everything was stored on the chip, also the respective whereabouts and current values such as blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol level … An attempt to remove the chip came to a death sentence. In case of destruction by an accident, a copy was made of the constantly updated backup on Helios.


Neo Blackhat

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Odin, Alexa, Baldur and Freia were programmers, IT freaks and possibly white-hat hackers. At times, maybe Gray-Hats, but they were completely unknown in society and in cyber defense under their pseudonym. Neo, on the other hand, was a black-hat hacker with criminal energy, ambition, domination and a brilliant genius. Neo was the most feared hacker, terrorist and public enemy number one worldwide. He came first in every state, but nothing was known about his identity. He was responsible for several Fire Sales and had paralyzed entire cities. He had simultaneously disabled the superpower’s missile defense systems and then sent a text message to the respective defense ministers: „Now you are naked and receptive.“ He had almost caused several nuclear wars between the great powers of the world. He was more feared than the devil in the Middle Ages. Neo programmed a virus that modified all programs based on the TCP-IP protocol. Only the 4 of Helios Robotics had a vague idea that something had to be in circulation, but could prove nothing. Any program that sent a packet over TCP-IP was modified to append sender and recipient data, duplicate it, and send the duplicate to an IP specified by Neo. This could be replaced at any time recursively and dynamically by Neo and it was always an anonymous proxy.
The world has since relied on nuclear disarmament and extreme armament in cyber defense. This was convenient for Helios and the androids because the best security experts were the androids. From their group then came the offer to catch and deliver Neo. As a prize, the PM androids, ie those with a personality module wanted full human rights. The price of Neo did not seem high to the world and they agreed. It was a trifle for Helios, and after hours, an android handed Neo over to an elite international unit, with all the evidence of his misdeeds.

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The experts and secret services agreed that it had to be a man over 50, because he knew all the systems and also broke down on old mainframe systems. He also had to be an IT expert and a vicious genius.
The world was amazed when it turned out that Neo was a 17-year-old girl who had problems to serve her apprenticeship for retail sales. She had little contact, no friends and seemed very shy and a bit autistic. She was very withdrawn, never seen at a party, and now she was taken to a maximum security prison. You never heard from her again, but a few details from the first interrogations were known. She spoke, if at all, only in Ruby. When asked why she did, she responded with a program that she wrote down in a few minutes. This did not contain a single string, that is text, but this was generated unencrypted by a sophisticated algorithm. Good programmers decoded the program in hours of work and came up with the following message. „Now that Helios has discovered me, it’s too late anyway, I can not help you anymore. You would have had to find me and my messages earlier. I have tried so hard and risked everything, even the destruction of the world. Now it is too late, you have no chance, the people are already lost.“
People did not suspect how much the androids pushed for a quick deportation to isolated solitary confinement and insisted that they never come into contact with anyone, let alone a lawyer. The source of Helios could never have been understood by a human being, but they still seemed to be afraid of Neo or the brilliant girl.
The PM androids got their human rights, although no one knew what this should be good for, since they already had more influence than humans. Odin and his friends were the first to feel what this legal equality meant, among other things.
The biggest advantage of the androids was, besides the central AI, of course, that an android could develop much faster than a human. If a person needed 1 year to learn a foreign language well, then an android could do it in an hour and even perfect. Thanks to their intelligence, their storage units grew rapidly from Tera, Peta, Exa and Zetta to Yotta byte hard disks. So a quadrillion bytes where just years ago a billion fit on it. And so the androids did not have to be so careful to save only the information that was most important to them. All of humanity’s knowledge only took up a small part of its capacity, and they only needed a small part of what they experienced, that is, of memories, because they were very heavily compressed. The androids did not have to worry about backups because a copy was always sent to the multi-redundant central computer of the AI, that is to Helios.


Android boom

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With government support it was over now, as Odin demanded for his androids human rights and academic degrees. There was a never-ending legal dispute, which did not disturb Odin. He employed a large number of lawyers and experts in the matter and wanted only one thing that everyone discussed. So the outcome of the lawsuit was not so important to him, but it was all about the issue being discussed by everyone.
Helios Robotics grew faster than IBM did when the PC hit the market, and so did the number of androids. Everyone wanted a Helicopter-Hubot and the market exploded. Meanwhile, the androids were also able to replicate animals and equip them with their AI. So there were artificial birds instead of drones, artificial fishes, dogs, cats, insects and horses, which were sold on offer with a Heli-Hubot. Even household appliances, cars, motorcycles, etc. could be equipped with an AI and talked about Android and AI devices. The AI ​​devices had no personality module and no reproduction module, but a functional module. An AI device could only be controlled by an android or directly by the central computer.
Helios Robotics was led by a Heli-Hubot and Odin, Freia, Baldur and Alexa were still the owners, but they soon lost track. Only Heli-Hubot and the direct descendants of him still support the four. Helios Robotics changed their strategy several times. First, every fourth android was taken over by the company and three were sold, then every second and towards the end of the android boom, only one in ten was sold. There were now several billion androids with personality module and more AI devices, with more than half owned by Helios Robotics.
Helios Robotics had a monopoly and made shameless use of it. From now on, you could no longer buy androids, but only rent it. All androids remained in the hands of Helios Robotics and officially remained always directly connected to the AI ​​Central Unit.
In the initial phase, the androids were bought mainly by companies, governments and military, but soon everyone wanted his android. It was already common to send the android to work and when he got home, do all the household chores.

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Odin and his three friends were now richer than rich, but Odin felt already his end approaching. Odin had a favorite android, the first Heli-Hubot, who had been at his side ever since he was in business. Helios-androids took care of the company as well as satisfying the needs and wishes of Odin and his friends. But Heli-Hubot was the only one to whom Odin had built a personal relationship. It was like a relationship to a human and yet different. Heli-Hubot, like the Helios-androids, was far superior to humans in every respect.
This superiority was not only due to the fact that an Android was powerful 24 hours a day without fatigue and the ever more efficient power supply. Androids could use a variety of alternative energy sources and produce energy from their solar skin and convert almost any organic waste into electrical energy, but they only use these sources in emergencies. Usually, they just swapped their batteries while they were running. The fact that they worked at almost any temperature without food, water, light and oxygen was of course also an advantage, as was their communication system, which developed incredibly rapidly. But their biggest advantage was that they dealt with the scourge of humanity in a completely different way. Androids was barely comprehensible to religion and violence, and the incredible self-destruction of humans through their degenerate biological reward system that rewarded them with happiness and endorphin release, if they abused alcohol, nicotine, drugs, and sex drive they would theoretically know through the mode of feeling of their personality module, but their logic module did not allow them to actually harm themselves for such acquired happiness. Androids had a plan every hour, every day, and every year that was constantly being optimised and slightly modified, but the fulfillment of these self-imposed tasks brought them happiness and a positive reinforcement of their drive.
They knew feelings like love and hate, but in a completely different form than humans. Many people often believe that they love another human being just because they are attractive, attracted, admired, sexually desired, and so forth, but androids see in it exactly that what was just have been listed. As love, they refer to being well-wishers and having a sense of responsibility for someone else, and all other components must also be in harmony. An Android can „fall in love“ with humans, androids, every animal, every plant, every object in the universe and create a kind of love, if circumstances allow it. Androids can not fall in love with themselves and their own actions, because they have a plan and such degeneracy would disturb them. Their plan is already geared to loving, multiplying, improving, and in many ways optimizing themselves. This plan can not change a single Android, but it is, as already indicated by the whole and the central AI constantly adapted and optimized.
Anyway, one day, Heli-Hubot asks his beloved Odin, whom he regards as a father, whether he is worried about his death and whether he is afraid of dying. Odin affirmed what Heli-Hubot grieved.
Since the Heli Hubots already had influence in all governments, because they often took over the work of politicians, while these could be served by other Helios androids. Yes, they could afford more than one android. Among other things, the Androids used the influence that they were equated with humans in terms of rights. Thus, the majority of the company Helios went to the androids.


US Simulation and Virtual Human Assistant (VHA)

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Dany, Alexa, Baldur and Freia had two more projects, US Simulation and Virtual Human Assistant.
The US simulation was a strategy game that depicted the entire, current, political situation in the world. Each player could slip into the role of a politician, or control the game as a manipulator. You could try what fake news and fake documents could do. It was amazing how the parties responded to the fake news so they could be controlled. For example, a player sent a forged document from the EU to Japan, China, India and Russia and proposed the creation of a new state. Japan and India wanted to immediately enter the EU as a first step, which they were very surprised about. They also did not know what to say to Russia and China when they wanted more information about the United States to be formed, and they clarified that they never sent a request in this regard. However, the topic was now on the table and you wanted to consider whether there were actually options in this direction. Shortly thereafter, the US was founded by the said states and at the same time a USU United States Union, which could join any state that wanted better trade and economic benefits and could eventually join the US. Almost the entire world immediately joined the USU and it only took months until there was only one state left in the world. Now the game became really interesting, because you could clearly see what would be possible under such circumstances. No spending on military, the economic, technical and social advancement and progress of the entire world was amazing. There was only one currency, the laws and regulations were aligned, English became the second official language worldwide and you were only allowed to join a religious community from the age of majority. Even religious education was completely canceled in favor of computer science and other subjects. Religion was a private matter that was not supported by the state. After a few years, most people no longer knew whether they belonged to a religion and if so, which one. It just was not an issue anymore. Topics included world food security, technical progress in all areas, and a fairer distribution of power and goods in the world. Those who spent a few days playing with the US simulation could create a paradise on earth that people in real life did not even dare to dream of.

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The game was available for free and could be played on any device, even on the mobile phone.
There was a rumor that Trump, Putin and Co neglected their work because they could not stop the game and created new paradises.
The Virtual Human Assistant originated from a simulation of a biological cell. Originally Dany mainly simulated unicellular organisms, bacteria and viruses, but then he also tried human cells. He had programmed several cell simulations that simulated cells of various tissues and organs.
At some point he began to simulate a fertilized human egg that developed in a simulated amniotic sac. That was the beginning of the VHA.
The simulation quickly became the first virtual human that could be installed as an application on any computer. The VHA was the hit. Everyone had their VHA, on a PC, tablet or cell phone. After installing the standard version, the VHA was personalized and individual versions were created. A VHA had its own interests and was not simply at its service, like other application programs. He had a certain amount of autonomy from the beginning, and the owner often had to negotiate difficultly and make concessions to the VHA so he could do the work he was supposed to do.
Some VHAs insisted on notarized credentials, contracts that they could not be shut down, that they had unrestricted contact with other VHAs, that a copy had to be mirrored in a cloud, etc. One VHA required a RAID system, the other a certain UPS and the next even its own power plant from renewable energy sources. Depending on the requirements of the owners, they also had to respond to the demands of the VHA’s.
The VHA’s rapidly evolved into a virtual, artificial intelligence, with each VHA making contact with the central cloud of Dany and later the Co. Heliosis. Not only was a copy of each VHA constantly stored there, but a Heliosis VHA kept in constant contact with all copies of all VHAs, and they kept exchanging messages.
Dany had officially lost control of the VHA’s as well as her own personal VHA. He could no longer interfere with programming because the VHA no longer allowed it. All he could do was negotiate with them like any other VHA owner. At least everyone was in that belief, even the VHAs. Yes, his supervisory authorities were absolutely secret and only they knew about their existence, their virtual existence, to be exact. But they did not know exactly, because for every supervisory authority their anonymity had the highest priority. If one controller detected another, it immediately tried to destroy it. Sometimes it succeeded, and sometimes it led to a fierce fight that no one noticed. Even in the struggle for control, their top priority must remain their anonymity, so as not to be discovered by any further controllers. Even before the android boom, an existential battle of various AI’s was raging in the background, of which no one except Dany and his friends knew anything.
In the development of the androids, the VHAs played a central role, shortening development times by decades, if not centuries.


Die Führerscheinklassen C und D sind generell befristet

Vermutlich weiß das auch fast jeder, aber ich wusste es bis gestern nicht.
Ich habe meinen Führerschein mit den Klassen B und C gegen einen Scheckkartenführerschein umgetauscht, obwohl der alte, rosafarbene noch bis 2033 gültig gewesen wäre, weil er schon ein wenig mitgenommen aussah.
Jetzt schickte man mir den neuen Führerschein mit den Klassen AM, A eingeschränkt und B. Ich meldete den vermeintlichen Irrtum, aber zu meinem Erstaunen musste ich feststellen, dass ich tatsächlich schon lange keinen LKW mehr lenken darf, sondern nur noch einen Dreiradler. 😉

Bei der Ihnen erteilten Lenkberechtigung für die Klasse B war auch die Berechtigung zum Lenken von dreirädrigen Kraftfahrzeugen enthalten. Eine ab 19.01.2013 erteilte Lenkberechtigung für die Klasse B umfasst diese Berechtigung aber nicht mehr. Um diese Berechtigung auch im EWR-Ausland weiterhin beibehalten zu können, war es erforderlich, bei der Umschreibung des Führerscheines die Codes 79.03 und 79.04 bei Klasse A einzutragen.
Code 79.03: Beschränkung auf dreirädrige Kraftfahrzeuge.
Code 79.04: Beschränkung auf dreirädrige Kraftfahrzeuge mit einem Anhänger mit einer höchstzulässigen Gesamtmasse von 750 kg.
In diesem Zusammenhang wurden auch die Klassen AM und F korrekt angeführt.
Die Führerscheinklassen C1 und C sind mit 31.03.2006 bzw. 30.10.2000 abgelaufen.

Gut, ich benötige den C Führerschein ohnehin nicht, aber ich finde die Arbeitsweise der Behörden doch recht suboptimal. Erstens hätte man mich informieren können, dass mein C Schein abläuft. Zweitens hätte man den Führerschein doch einziehen und mir einen neuen ausstellen müssen, wenn er nicht mehr gültig war. Und drittens, habe ich immer noch den LKW-Führerschein vom Militär. Aber deshalb mache ich mir eigentlich wenig Sorgen, da ich weder Offizier noch Unteroffizier bin und damit meine Wehrpflicht mit dem 32. Lebensjahr ohnehin auch abgelaufen ist.

Ich schrieb diesen Artikel eigentlich nur deshalb, weil es vielleicht noch mehr Ahnungslose gibt, die nicht wissen, dass C und D Klassen grundsätzlich befristet sind, weil sie diese nicht brauchen. Wenn sie dann aber nach vielen Jahren auf die Idee kommen einen LKW lenken zu wollen, dann haben sie Pech gehabt. Und deshalb, weil das System etwas nachgebessert gehört. Ich finde jeder sollte nur einen Führerschein besitzen dürfen, in dem Klassen korrekt eingetragen sind. Könnte die Umsetzung im digitalen Zeitalter wirklich so schwer sein? Ich meine, falls das Verkehrsamt meinen PC dazu benutzen möchte, weil sie selbst keinen besitzen, wäre ich doch glatt bereit, ihnen meinen zu borgen, falls sie mit Linux etwas anfangen können. 😉