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More than 14 billion years ago everything in the Big Bang started. You do not know exactly what happened, but you know about where this happened and this point in the universe, we call Big Bang. From there, space and time expand. We need nothing more to know. There is not much to be said about the formation of the earth and our solar system more than 4.5 billion years ago, except that there has already been a chemical evolution in the Hadaikum, that is, before 4,600 to 4,000 million years ago, was the prerequisite for the later biogenesis. The exact timing of the first occurrence of cellular life is not known, but about 3.5 billion years ago there were already cyanobacteria.
Compared to this, people have only recently come to terms. The oldest homos (lat. Hŏmō „man“), genus of the human monkeys (Hominidae), lived about 2.5 to 1.5 million years ago and the homo sapiens exist only about 200.000 years. Compared to the Cyanobacteria one could say, since yesterday.

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The earliest high cultures flourished about 6,000 years ago, and since then man has been passionate about creating many gods. Yes, in the early high cultures there was a diverse, colorful world of gods, each god or goddess having a special area. No matter whether the Incas, ancient Egyptians, ancient Greece or the Romans, the gods who were immortal had extraordinary abilities and human errors.
Much later, about two thousand years ago, one created a single God by allowing only one of them to believe only in him. The monotheistic religions persist in death and ruin, and through cruel torture and conquest. Everything that did not believe in the single God was murdered just as much as those who wanted to believe a little different in this one God. Christian and Protestant rulers changed their religion as necessary, it became a single power struggle, which also manifested itself in Islam during the wars between Shiites and Sunnis. From the beginning it was only a struggle for power and a method to make the stupid people submissive in order to exploit it.
It was not until 2050 that religions broke down around the world shortly before this time began this story. Although the religions were actually disintegrating, they were, without realizing it, just to create the third generation God, Helios. Helios, the god who will destroy everything and thus everything can start again.

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