“Its Not Magic, its True”: Cheng Man Ching And His Mehtod

Heute möchte ich auf einen Artikel (Englisch) von Don Ethan Miller hinweisen:

I have recently had the good fortune to spend several hundred hours with Cheng Man Ching, the great Tai Chi teacher and “Master of Five Excellences.” Not in person of course (Cheng died in 1975), but while editing 6 or 7 hours of previously-unreleased footage of Prof. Cheng, shot in the late 1960s at his Shr Jung school in New York City. The tapes show Cheng teaching form, sword, pushing hands; fencing with his students; teaching calligraphy and flower arranging; answering questions, telling stories of his life in China. Although I have been studying Tai Chi for over 30 years, primarily from senior students of Cheng and others in his lineage/tradition (T.T.Liang, William Chen, Chern Chyu Kuan, Tao Ping-Siang), it is only from this intensive encounter with him through the tapes that I believe I have come to some deeper understanding of the method–and the man. ….
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