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The Linux Foundation’s FOSSBazaar Nearly Doubles its Membership

The Linux Foundation’s FOSSBazaar Nearly Doubles its Membership

Leading Linux consortia announces new members to participate in open source software governance initiative

SAN FRANCISCO, October 14, 2008 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and open source software, today announced that its Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) governance workgroup, called FOSSBazaar, has nearly doubled its membership since launching in January.

The newest members include Ars Aperta, Black Duck, BT, Krugle, Palamida, and nexB, which contribute to 15 total members today.

Like proprietary software, FOSS requires due diligence to ensure legal, financial and security compliance. FOSSBazaar is the Linux and open source community’s approach to sustaining FOSS as a dependable choice for IT departments.

During its inaugural year, FOSSBazaar has both established an online destination where collaboration on these topics takes place ( and appointed full-time workgroup community leader Martin Michlmayr. Michlmayr is a well-known figure that currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Open Source Initiative (OSI). He has been involved in FOSS projects for more than 10 years, including having led the Debian project for two years. FOSSBazaar has also participated in collaborative forums this year such as the Annual Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit and OSCON.
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Distribution Release: Ultima Linux 8.4 ( a techie-oriented desktop system (;-))

Martin Ultima has announced the release of Ultima Linux 8.4, a Slackware-compatible desktop and server distribution built around the KDE desktop: „The Ultima Linux project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Ultima Linux 8.4. This release includes over 850 packages, including the Linux kernel, X.Org….

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Siehe auch Welcome to Ultima Linux Da finden Sie z.B. über das „techie-oriented desktop system„:

Ultima Linux is a Slackware-compatible Linux distribution available for Intel and AMD-based personal computers. Although first intended as a lightweight, techie-oriented desktop system when development began in November 2004, Ultima has since evolved into a highly stable distribution supporting both desktop and server capabilities. Ultima Linux is built around the K Desktop Environment (KDE), and includes many popular applications such as Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, the office suite, the GIMP image editor, MPlayer and Xine media players, and many others. It borrows Slackware’s TGZ package format, and can be extended with additional software from a public repository, or various third-party sites.


Niederländisches Patentamt migriert auf Open Source

Das niederländische Patentamt ist die erste holländische Regierungsbehörde, welche den Aktionsplan „Nederland Open in Connection“ umsetzt und einen großen Teil der IT-Systeme auf Open-Source-Software umstellt.

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