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Lawyer: FBI Paid Right-Wing Blogger Charged With Threats

picture-28A notorious New Jersey hate blogger charged in June with threatening to kill judges and lawmakers was secretly an FBI “agent provocateur” paid to disseminate right-wing rhetoric, his attorney said Wednesday.

Hal Turner, the blogger and radio personality, remains jailed pending charges over his recent online rants, which prosecutors claim amounted to an invitation for someone to kill Connecticut lawmakers and Chicago federal appeals court judges.

But behind the scenes the reformed white supremacist was holding clandestine meetings with FBI agents who taught him how to spew hate “without crossing the line,” according to his lawyer, Michael Orozco.

“As a defense attorney. It is not trivial that the very government that trained an individual where the line was is prosecuting him when he has not stepped over the line,” Orozco said.

In addition, he is banking (.pdf) on the First Amendment.

“It’s a protected political statement. He opined,” Orozco said. “He said they deserved to be killed. He did not say grab a gun and go out and do what is necessary.”

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Lawsuit: Twitter Method Infringes Patents — Update

picture-16Twitter’s microblogging service breaches the patents of a Texas-based technology company, which is demanding unspecified damages and licensing fees, according to a federal lawsuit.

TechRadium, of Sugar Land, claims it has patents to what it calls the “mass notification” concept. According to the complaint, tweeting infringes on its “systems and methods” of three patents.

TechRadium has paying clients and the patents for what it calls IRIS — the Immediate Response Information System – which “simultaneously delivers uniform, reliable and verifiable emergency messages to an unlimited number of contacts within seconds, across all means and devices of communication.”

Its clients include the military, schools, government, utilities and others, according to its website.

“To the fullest extent permitted by law, plaintiff seeks recovery of damages for lost profits, reasonable royalties, unjust enrichment, and benefits received by the defendant as a result of use (sic) the misappropriated technology, and any other damages to which it may be entitled in law or in equity,” Tuesday’s lawsuit (.pdf) says.

Twitter did not immediately respond for comment.

San Francisco-based Twitter clearly is concerned that it might be the subject of patent infringement lawsuits, according to internal Twitter documents disclosed by TechCrunch last month.

One document with “Legal” on top said, “We will be sued for patent infringement, repeatedly and often.” The document also said, “Should we get a great patent attorney to proactively go after these patents (We need to talk about this more, we are unsatisfied).”

There are several routes this litigation could go. Among them, Twitter could settle, claim its protocol does not infringe or challenge the validity of the patents.

If it sounds far-fetched that the tweeting method might infringe a patent, we’ll remind you that human genes are patented.

George Borkowski, chairman of the intellectual property practice at Venable LLP in Los Angeles, said Twitter is likely to claim that the patents should be voided because what has been patented is too generic.

“If this case moves forward, obviously what Twitter is going to do is argue that the patents are not valid and that the Patent Office should not have granted them,” Borkowski said.

Still, he added: “There is a presumption of validity when a patent is issued.”
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New SW Case Study by Tecnalia

Tecnalia, in Spain, has provided a W3C Semantic Web Case Study on the Aquaring portal on aquatic resources. The portal offers a multilingual semantic search engine, a semantic tag cloud adapted to user context, map, exhibitions, etc. The initial aim was to offer a multilingual and unique access point to a heterogeneous and distributed collection of digital resources. This collection was provided by European expert organizations, keeping in mind the possible future integration into Europeana: the European Digital Library.

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Linux Foundation Unveils New

Linux Foundation Unveils New

For the community, by the community, Linux Foundation launches framework to connect Linux users and developers and find the next “Ultimate Linux Guru”

SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2009 — The Linux Foundation (LF), the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced the formal launch of The Foundation took over stewardship of the site in March, at which time it began soliciting input from the community to help define the new via its Ideaforge web tool. Today, it unveils the results of that input and a new online home for all things Linux.

The new will connect Linux users and developers, and by showcasing their skills through its guru listing, will connect individuals to jobs and collaboration opportunities. Instead of a static information site, the new will empower the Linux community to share its knowledge, get questions answered, download the right software and find hardware to solve problems.

Visitors can register today and immediately begin contributing to the community and build their Linux guru standing. Other community functionality includes allowing users to have their own blog hosted by, review products in the product directory, and submit “HowTo’s” and tutorials to help their fellow Linux users or developers.

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This Week in Edge Rails

April 18, 2009 – April 24, 2009

Edge Rails has been undergoing major surgery for the past week, as the core team gets ready for a Rails 3.0 alpha release at RailsConf. We saw about 50 commits to the master branch in GitHub this week. Here’s a quick overview of the recent changes.

Rails 2.3.x Changes

Before digging into the changes on the master branch, there were a few things committed to the 2-3-stable branch. If you’re running on 2.3 edge, these are ready for you; they’re also ported to the master branch already.

  • A couple of bugs involving associations with hash conditions have been fixed, notable to make sure that :dependent => :delete will work.
  • The PostgreSQL Active Record adapter now does the right thing if you use tables in non-default schemas. You need to set the table name in your model class, of course: set_table_name 'other_schema.customers' commit
  • Also in the PostgreSQL adapter, a couple of bugs related to wrong quoting of names with capital letters are fixed.

ActionView::Path Refactoring

One major chunk of change in Rails 3 this week comes from the continued work to refactor Action Pack. This time, ActionView::Path was the target. Changes in commit include decoupling ActionView::Path from Action Controller and Action Mailer, which gives us two major benefits. First, consolidating similar code in one place makes it easier to understand and maintain. Second, by abstracting this stuff and giving it an API, we’ll make it possible for other components to participate in the controller layer, beyond mailers and traditional controllers.

There’s also some work here to set up for the future. The plan is to decouple templates from the file system, and to decouple localization from ActionView. Stay tuned!

Pluggable JSON Backends

You may recall that recently Rails went to pluggable XML support. This week, thanks to work from Rick Olson, we have pluggable JSON. This means that you can replace the default YAML-based JSON support with the JSON gem:

ActiveSupport::JSON.backend = "JSONGem"

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