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Almost every person now had an android, which he sent to work. Those who could run it also had a second, who provided them, entertained, and served them.
The dream of eternal life has come true, at least for those who wanted it. Anyone who was entitled to a pension could claim it or be transformed. The supposed paradise was created, but the short Gilded Age for humanity passed very quickly.
Since the performers and agents on Earth were now almost android only, they had the opportunity to incorporate their intelligence. People already thought they were in paradise, as the androids were known for world peace. Famine, no drinking water or medical care had disappeared from the earth. There were already uniform laws worldwide, but they were issued by the androids, which gradually replaced humans. Of course, by and large, they followed the guidelines of the individual they replace. However, in their communication and methodology, they had come so far advanced that they easily modified their guidelines to get to the solutions accepted by humans more quickly. The people degenerated more and more and there were significant losses of skills. The dumbing down of humanity had begun much earlier, when they forgot about mental arithmetic and uncritically recorded everything that was reported in the media. Some people even bought dog food even though they did not have a dog. But according to advertising, it was simply the best.
The androids still left people believing they were at stake. Here is an example from the life of Adi A., a relative of Odin H. Adi A. had a regular life, like all humans. He woke up in the morning, mostly got up on his own, or let himself be seated in the chair by his android, with whom he came to every seat in the apartment. Adi A. thought of morning toilet and the chair changed to a toilet. After his business, Adi A. was automatically cleaned, the chair turned back and drove to the bathroom with Adi. His android was waiting for him there already. The android cared for him, dressed and asked what he would like to have for breakfast. Adi drove his chair, accompanied by his android, back to the living room, which was the only room next to the bathroom. The window opened and a drone hovered with breakfast in front of the window. She was not allowed to fly into the room with Adi, but had to wait there. The android took the drone off breakfast via a lock to balance the air and served it to Adi. Through such little tricks, the androids made people aware that they existed only for them and were indispensable. The android mixed Adi his lucky pill in the orange juice and said that it was time to take care of the body. The Android turned on the chair to the fitness training. All musculoskeletal muscles were activated with gentle surges. It tickled a little and a tingling sensation flowed through Adi. A little twitching here and there and the duty was done, because the rest took care of the android in secret. Adi was allowed to join the interactive TV until noon. Mostly he participated in games where you could win points, which were then written well in his account. There was no money for a long time. For Adi it was the only chance to get extra points, because for his work as a tax officer, who of course has long done his android, he got every day as many points as for the apartment, his daily needs for products and for the android were deducted. With additional points, he wanted to afford a vacation. There were only two resorts left in the world. Cabins by the sea and cabins on the mountain. The cabins were exactly like his apartment, but from the living room he had a window overlooking the sea or a rock. The cabin was and could not be left and the window could not be opened. That was only intended to protect Adi, because the atmosphere was no longer tolerable for humans. Nevertheless, Adi dreamed of a holiday by the sea, or in the mountains.

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After his play on the TV everything was repeated, only there was lunch and then dinner. After that, Adi got a sleep aid, which gave him a dreamless 12-hour sleep.
In the afternoon, Adi went up and down the room. The android immediately asked if something was wrong. Whether the chair is uncomfortable. If he was in pain. Adi said no, but the android did not give up and asked more questions. Adi handed it and he said, „I want to get out. I want to go for a walk in nature. The Android: you can visit other people. Adi: No, that’s too dangerous for me. Every time I visit someone, there is a correction order because someone says something wrong. I want to be in nature. Android: It no longer exists in the form you knew it. Almost the entire surface of the earth is blocked. Even the oceans are covered with a meter thick layer of building units. On land, the layers are already 100 meters deep. There are only two vacation areas for people, but according to the last decision, they should be destroyed because they consume resources unnecessarily. Well, otherwise there are only the 6 reservations. There is still nature there, as you know it. But there is nothing else there. Not a single technical tool. People live there as in the Stone Age. And if someone goes in, he will never come out again.
Adi did not say anything, but the thought did not let him go. Adi wanted to go to a reservation.
Unfortunately, the androids and their data centers, of which there was one in each continent, soon came to the conclusion that people were consuming too many resources, and so the diversity of human products was severely curtailed. There was only one more bread, a butter, a … a drug for a disease, a clothing for each season, …. worldwide. These restrictions began shortly after the restructuring, but they now reached an unbearable level for people.



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