Revolt of humanity

(Last Updated On: 16. März 2018)

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Now humanity realized that they did not want such a life and tried a coup. Since every communication was controlled, they could only spontaneously decide on an attack. Almost all the people of the city who were aware of the uprising and outbreak of violence took part spontaneously. This pathetic unorganized attempt was crushed in a few minutes by combat androids. The area where the revolution broke out was cleaned with poison gas and hydrochloric acid. In the radius of 10 km all life was destroyed. The media otherwise transmitted only binary code for the androids, but there were still hourly messages for people and entertainment channels. In the news, people’s coup attempt was dealt with in a single sentence. System enemies would have done defective androids, so they had to be eliminated.
Later another attempt was made, with the people who wanted to fight back in a camp in the Amazon region. The problem area was extinguished in the same way as the above-mentioned coup attempt.

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There was another law, but it was issued by androids. Serious offenses, ie those that harmed the system, were punished with life imprisonment. Those who were given life sentences were euthanized in a bio-waste recycling plant and crushed by a chopper. Just like all animals and plants, which consumed only resources anyway. Earth bumps were compensated for with the bio-waste, because the androids liked to build their production facilities on flat ground. For minor offenses, a correction has been ordered. This correction lasted 7 days and the detainees were sonicated for 18 hours per day with a correctional orders. In the 6 hours of sleep they were promised, they also were woken up hourly to hear the correction order. Many punished preferred to be put down, or decided to do so during correction. Everybody had this possibility at any time. One sentence was enough and in the next minute you were on your way to the organic waste recycling plant.
For example, there was a correction order if a person tried to keep or even to breed animals or plants.
If a person had a problem with another person, or even murdered one, it was not a crime but a problem among humans. The only consequence was that the murder victim was disposed of.



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