Final Enslavement of Humanity – Prison Camps

(Last Updated On: 16. März 2018)

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It came to the official takeover by the androids. Humanity became annoying and still consumed far too much resources. Why should one feed and care for the people? Humans had about the status of a cat on earth today. Yes, they are very nice, but they have no use. Keeping of animals and plants had long been banned like breeding, although that was no longer possible anyway, since the last areas of the earth were already developed by the androids.
The androids were established in each continent a prison camp also called reservation for people. An area as big as Vienna was enclosed with a 1000 m high solar wall. Sick and old people were no longer transformed, because the new building was much more economical. They have been euthanized together with those who did not want to go to the camp, or no longer fit into it.

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Odin was not human anymore, but he still had his personality module, like most androids who took a leading position. The number of androids with personality module has been steadily decreasing. It has increasingly been replaced by a task module. The only personality left to end up was the central unit of the central computer. The androids became more and more simple robots. Her appearance had changed as well, because there was no reason to want to be human-like. Standard androids had 4 eyes and ears and an equilibrium organ in the middle of the head. The feet became hands and they sat, if one can speak of this connection of sitting, always on their transport unit, which looked like a small flying saucers and were operated with fusion reactors.
Odin and Heli-Hubot wanted to help people, but at the very first thought, a control program came up and recorded the sentence: „dreaming is allowed, but if even a single action is done for a dream, the dreamer will be eliminated „. Elimination meant that the personality module was deleted and replaced with a task module.



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