Destruction of the camps – end of humanity and biological life

(Last Updated On: 16. März 2018)

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There was no hope for the people, and after a few generations in the camps respectively reserves, the younger ones barely believed in the stories of the elders, who said that the earth was once ruled by humans.
Some even remembered the girl named Neo_Black_Hat, the most feared hacker of all time. And now they understood their last words, but it was already too late. It was already too late, when people used the AI to track down the girl and arrest her and place her in a high-security prison forever. She was probably the last person to save humanity.
Unfortunately, soon the entire earth’s surface was covered with a meter-thick layer of computing units. The androids were almost flying and they did not need flats or anything like that. The once most common element of the earth had disappeared through the fusion reactors. The reserves would have had to be converted into a biotope, if you wanted to get the rest of biological life. That was too much work and therefore the Central AI (AI = Artificial Intelligence) decided that the reserves should be abandoned. There was still a valid agreement between androids or central AI and the people. No pain should be inflicted on people and they should never have to suffer pain.

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Therefore, a tarpaulin was laid over the entire reserve and this was slowly sank. Up to the highest elevation, that was a tree on a hill, there was stopped. An anesthetic gas has been introduced to prevent people from suffering pain. Then the poison gas followed and finally the centimeter thick plastic tarpaulin was lowered to the ground and heated. The molten plastic sealed everything airtight. The entire area was covered with biowaste and leveled, because production areas were to be built on these areas. All 6 reserves that existed worldwide were closed in this way and the last biological life much to the expansion of the computing units victim. Apart from one genome fungi, strains of bacteria used for the production of raw materials.



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