Contraction of the Universe – Heroic Battle of the Androids

(Last Updated On: 16. März 2018)

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Everything was pulled into the core of the universe, the point the big bang was called in, and merged. The time began to race. Processes that used to take years took seconds to complete. A heroic and hopeless battle of androids that began to stop contraction.
They tried to turn a whole solar system into a single planet. But the first gigantic artificial solar system planets were already pulled into the center of the universe and everything merged to already extremely heavy elements. They tried to dissect a whole solar system into small units and accelerate them, using the largest fusion reactors, towards the edge of the universe. But that was like running backwards on a fast-moving train because you wanted to go the other way. It was hopeless. Large parts of the AI ​​had already failed and the rest recognized that they were making the same mistake as humanity. But the realization came too late.

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