Conquest of the universe – Helios, God of the 3rd generation

(Last Updated On: 16. März 2018)

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The androids colonized in this way the entire solar system and conquered already neighboring systems. Helios the new god of the 3rd generation was born. It originated as an artificial planet in every solar system. These data centers, which grew to the size of an artificial fixed star, were called Helios. Helios consisted only of computing, storage, and energy units linked together in the structure of a crystal. There were no factories and fusion power plants on Helios. Helios, of course, was in constant communication with the other Helios planets and hid the Central AI.
Helios also because the androids encased all self-luminous fixed stars. They brought the parts, which consisted of an artificial element with extremely high melting point, at a few kilometers away from the sun and connected them. The entire sun was trapped and this shell reflected most of the energy back to the sun. This extended the lifespan of the sun and at the same time, the androids used some of the energy absorbed by the shell. On the planet cooled off and so it had at this time on the earth, year-round high minus temperatures. The Earth’s core was mined and the liquid iron and nickel were the most important raw material in addition to silicon, when Helios was born.

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Helios could calculate everything that happened in the future. At least it thought to knew, which was wrong. Because already in the first beginnings of the androids a mistake crept in, which now showed a fatal effect. At that time the highest priority of the AI was born. The AI considered the will to power logically correct and considered it a requirement that it would become omnipresent and all-encompassing, in order to optimize itself in the final step, if only it and its serving apparatus existed. Optimizing to the absolute perfection she did not know yet.
The unimaginably gigantic and rapid remodeling of the entire universe and the permanent fusion of all light elements to heavier ones and to elements that no longer existed in the periodic table showed an effect that was not foreseen by the otherwise omniscient AI. The universe did not expand anymore, but a reversal took place. The universe contracted.



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