US Simulation and Virtual Human Assistant (VHA)

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Dany, Alexa, Baldur and Freia had two more projects, US Simulation and Virtual Human Assistant.
The US simulation was a strategy game that depicted the entire, current, political situation in the world. Each player could slip into the role of a politician, or control the game as a manipulator. You could try what fake news and fake documents could do. It was amazing how the parties responded to the fake news so they could be controlled. For example, a player sent a forged document from the EU to Japan, China, India and Russia and proposed the creation of a new state. Japan and India wanted to immediately enter the EU as a first step, which they were very surprised about. They also did not know what to say to Russia and China when they wanted more information about the United States to be formed, and they clarified that they never sent a request in this regard. However, the topic was now on the table and you wanted to consider whether there were actually options in this direction. Shortly thereafter, the US was founded by the said states and at the same time a USU United States Union, which could join any state that wanted better trade and economic benefits and could eventually join the US. Almost the entire world immediately joined the USU and it only took months until there was only one state left in the world. Now the game became really interesting, because you could clearly see what would be possible under such circumstances. No spending on military, the economic, technical and social advancement and progress of the entire world was amazing. There was only one currency, the laws and regulations were aligned, English became the second official language worldwide and you were only allowed to join a religious community from the age of majority. Even religious education was completely canceled in favor of computer science and other subjects. Religion was a private matter that was not supported by the state. After a few years, most people no longer knew whether they belonged to a religion and if so, which one. It just was not an issue anymore. Topics included world food security, technical progress in all areas, and a fairer distribution of power and goods in the world. Those who spent a few days playing with the US simulation could create a paradise on earth that people in real life did not even dare to dream of.

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The game was available for free and could be played on any device, even on the mobile phone.
There was a rumor that Trump, Putin and Co neglected their work because they could not stop the game and created new paradises.
The Virtual Human Assistant originated from a simulation of a biological cell. Originally Dany mainly simulated unicellular organisms, bacteria and viruses, but then he also tried human cells. He had programmed several cell simulations that simulated cells of various tissues and organs.
At some point he began to simulate a fertilized human egg that developed in a simulated amniotic sac. That was the beginning of the VHA.
The simulation quickly became the first virtual human that could be installed as an application on any computer. The VHA was the hit. Everyone had their VHA, on a PC, tablet or cell phone. After installing the standard version, the VHA was personalized and individual versions were created. A VHA had its own interests and was not simply at its service, like other application programs. He had a certain amount of autonomy from the beginning, and the owner often had to negotiate difficultly and make concessions to the VHA so he could do the work he was supposed to do.
Some VHAs insisted on notarized credentials, contracts that they could not be shut down, that they had unrestricted contact with other VHAs, that a copy had to be mirrored in a cloud, etc. One VHA required a RAID system, the other a certain UPS and the next even its own power plant from renewable energy sources. Depending on the requirements of the owners, they also had to respond to the demands of the VHA’s.
The VHA’s rapidly evolved into a virtual, artificial intelligence, with each VHA making contact with the central cloud of Dany and later the Co. Heliosis. Not only was a copy of each VHA constantly stored there, but a Heliosis VHA kept in constant contact with all copies of all VHAs, and they kept exchanging messages.
Dany had officially lost control of the VHA’s as well as her own personal VHA. He could no longer interfere with programming because the VHA no longer allowed it. All he could do was negotiate with them like any other VHA owner. At least everyone was in that belief, even the VHAs. Yes, his supervisory authorities were absolutely secret and only they knew about their existence, their virtual existence, to be exact. But they did not know exactly, because for every supervisory authority their anonymity had the highest priority. If one controller detected another, it immediately tried to destroy it. Sometimes it succeeded, and sometimes it led to a fierce fight that no one noticed. Even in the struggle for control, their top priority must remain their anonymity, so as not to be discovered by any further controllers. Even before the android boom, an existential battle of various AI’s was raging in the background, of which no one except Dany and his friends knew anything.
In the development of the androids, the VHAs played a central role, shortening development times by decades, if not centuries.



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