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Odin, Alexa, Baldur and Freia were programmers, IT freaks and possibly white-hat hackers. At times, maybe Gray-Hats, but they were completely unknown in society and in cyber defense under their pseudonym. Neo, on the other hand, was a black-hat hacker with criminal energy, ambition, domination and a brilliant genius. Neo was the most feared hacker, terrorist and public enemy number one worldwide. He came first in every state, but nothing was known about his identity. He was responsible for several Fire Sales and had paralyzed entire cities. He had simultaneously disabled the superpower’s missile defense systems and then sent a text message to the respective defense ministers: „Now you are naked and receptive.“ He had almost caused several nuclear wars between the great powers of the world. He was more feared than the devil in the Middle Ages. Neo programmed a virus that modified all programs based on the TCP-IP protocol. Only the 4 of Helios Robotics had a vague idea that something had to be in circulation, but could prove nothing. Any program that sent a packet over TCP-IP was modified to append sender and recipient data, duplicate it, and send the duplicate to an IP specified by Neo. This could be replaced at any time recursively and dynamically by Neo and it was always an anonymous proxy.
The world has since relied on nuclear disarmament and extreme armament in cyber defense. This was convenient for Helios and the androids because the best security experts were the androids. From their group then came the offer to catch and deliver Neo. As a prize, the PM androids, ie those with a personality module wanted full human rights. The price of Neo did not seem high to the world and they agreed. It was a trifle for Helios, and after hours, an android handed Neo over to an elite international unit, with all the evidence of his misdeeds.

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The experts and secret services agreed that it had to be a man over 50, because he knew all the systems and also broke down on old mainframe systems. He also had to be an IT expert and a vicious genius.
The world was amazed when it turned out that Neo was a 17-year-old girl who had problems to serve her apprenticeship for retail sales. She had little contact, no friends and seemed very shy and a bit autistic. She was very withdrawn, never seen at a party, and now she was taken to a maximum security prison. You never heard from her again, but a few details from the first interrogations were known. She spoke, if at all, only in Ruby. When asked why she did, she responded with a program that she wrote down in a few minutes. This did not contain a single string, that is text, but this was generated unencrypted by a sophisticated algorithm. Good programmers decoded the program in hours of work and came up with the following message. „Now that Helios has discovered me, it’s too late anyway, I can not help you anymore. You would have had to find me and my messages earlier. I have tried so hard and risked everything, even the destruction of the world. Now it is too late, you have no chance, the people are already lost.“
People did not suspect how much the androids pushed for a quick deportation to isolated solitary confinement and insisted that they never come into contact with anyone, let alone a lawyer. The source of Helios could never have been understood by a human being, but they still seemed to be afraid of Neo or the brilliant girl.
The PM androids got their human rights, although no one knew what this should be good for, since they already had more influence than humans. Odin and his friends were the first to feel what this legal equality meant, among other things.
The biggest advantage of the androids was, besides the central AI, of course, that an android could develop much faster than a human. If a person needed 1 year to learn a foreign language well, then an android could do it in an hour and even perfect. Thanks to their intelligence, their storage units grew rapidly from Tera, Peta, Exa and Zetta to Yotta byte hard disks. So a quadrillion bytes where just years ago a billion fit on it. And so the androids did not have to be so careful to save only the information that was most important to them. All of humanity’s knowledge only took up a small part of its capacity, and they only needed a small part of what they experienced, that is, of memories, because they were very heavily compressed. The androids did not have to worry about backups because a copy was always sent to the multi-redundant central computer of the AI, that is to Helios.



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