Freias IWH Concerts – Alexa and Helios Electroactive Polymers

(Last Updated On: 16. März 2018)

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Although Freia was actually shy and loved the seclusion, the quiet, the silence – but for the IWH she could jump over her shadow. She knew that her singing voice had something magical about it and that it enchanted people, and she used this gift for the IWH. Freia gave concerts, with which she filled the largest stadiums and halls with ease, for she gave the listeners a feeling of happiness and love. Although the lyrics of her songs were highly political, yes, they were the political concepts of the IWH, it enchanted people so much that they already thought they were in paradise when they listened to them. The concerts were broadcast worldwide and Freia enjoyed incredible popularity. A special feature of their concerts is also worth mentioning. The entrance fee was 1% of a monthly salary of a visitor. A very rich industrialist complained about the price and Freia did not hesitate to negotiate with him personally. He was introduced to her and he said that he would not pay 100,000 Euros for a ticket. That was an outrage. Freia replied that it is actually an outrage that this is 1% of his monthly income and therefore he should pay 50%, or give up their concert. This would be a pity, because she will sing about him today. Her friends are already looking for interesting details from his life. So she left the man in the room and went to the backstage area, where her Odin immediately gave the information about the industrialist. A few breaths and she already knew the text she was going to say.
After this evening, the man was followed at every turn by thousands of people protesting his violations of environmental protection requirements. After three days he called Freia and asked for help. Freia agreed that in the future he would have to attend each of her concerts for 50% of his monthly income. Then she gave another concert and made sure that the man found peace again. Since then, there has never been a complaint about ticket pricing.

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Freia’s achievements were incredible. The IWH had a tremendous inflow worldwide. It was the number one topic of conversation in all media, on all Internet portals and simply everywhere. The news of the approaching paradisiacal times did not spread as quickly as a fire, but electronically quickly. In seconds from the north to the south pole, across all latitudes. In big cities as well as in small villages in the most remote areas. In many countries, elections were brought forward and the IWH moved into parliament as the strongest party. Even in dictatorships, the IWH was tolerated, although mostly only as a club. A few dictators even gave in to the peaceful pressure of the people and installed a democracy. Only in one country in the Far East did a revolution take place, which the international IWH and Freia did not want, but could not prevent. Fortunately, there were hardly any deaths and a democracy was established there too, in which the IWH immediately had an absolute majority.
For Freia, the concerts, the IWH and her company were extremely exhausting and she fled once again into the mountains.
In a lonely mountain cabin, which was not managed and the mountain hikers and mountaineers used as a refuge for an overnight stay, she wanted to sleep, to continue their journey through the mountains next day.
She was alone and happy about it, but by the time darkness had arrived, Alexa, who also wanted to spend the night here, arrived. They barely talked to each other, since both wanted to be at rest, but a quick little talk was needed. Freia learned that Alexa was successful with the company Helios-Elektroaktivpolymere and that she was a zealous devotee of the IWH. She also sought recreation in the mountains and the seclusion and it turned out that she was an enthusiastic and gifted programmer. Therefore, the short conversation was a longer discussion. Since they were also sympathetic they wanted to stay in contact and later became a friendship.
Freia told Alexa about Baldur and Odin that he would be very interested in the product of Freia, because that’s exactly what he’s been looking for a long time. Freia produced electro-active polymers or dielectric elastomers, which change their shape by electric current and, depending on the voltage, lightning fast and the voltage correspondingly strong. After switching off the power, the substance returns to its original shape. Freia developed the material so that it can be used in 3D printers. Although the material is brand new on the market, there is still strong demand.



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