Freia with Helios-Solaris and the International World People’s Party, IWH

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Freia was a wonderful but very strange woman. On the one hand she loved the silence in nature and the seclusion and was shy as a deer and yet on the other hand she had the ability to think like a computer, they say. Despite her sensitive, romantic emotional world and her longing for loneliness and peace, she could be cold on the PC, like ice cream. If she sits in front of a keyboard and thinks of her company Helios-Solaris or of the party she just founded, her character changes how the color of a chameleon can change. No, not just the character, she changes overall and thinks like a program that can improve and optimize itself.
Yes, she made mistakes anyway, but the special thing is that she makes every mistake only once. When a person notices that smoking is wrong, unhealthy and stupid, then he must first be able to correct or rather to stop it. Some can do it, some just by a lot of effort and some do not. Freia does not smoke, because she never saw any reason to do so, but if she smoked and saw that as a mistake, then she would just stop it. Without any effort, because she recognizes mistakes and eliminates them. At her and at her work in the company and the party. Loving the seclusion and feeling at ease alone in nature, Freia led a double life. She often fled to the mountains, even disguising herself to avoid being recognized.

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Another notable feature of Freia is her singing voice. If she sings, then it is similar to the audience, as the fishermen used to hear the voice of the sirens. Only with the difference that Freia had no evil intentions and the audience was only captured by a feeling of happiness and joy.
If she needed to run her company, she always had a mobile in her hand, even when she was giving a speech or in a meeting. She always worked on her phone at the same time to get into the mode that made her so successful. Detect and fix errors without ifs and buts. Develop strategies that were virtually error-free and intrinsically logical right from the start. Helios-Solaris now had production facilities in every country where there was a desert. They were predominantly very poor countries and Freia’s branches revived the economy. Some of these countries were previously among the poorest in the world, but after a few years they were rich, through Freias company. Helios Solaris produced solar cells from desert sand, including SPCC and electricity generated for its own company and the country in which the company was located. Due to the economic boom, Freia not only enjoyed a high reputation in these countries, but also had a certain political influence, which she did not want to have. It was an inevitable concomitant and when Freia realized that, she founded the International Party of Worldmen, the IWH.
The goals of IWH are simple and quick to explain. Fair distribution of goods, access to education for all people, banishment of religion from politics and earthly affairs. Ensuring basic services and equality for every human being from birth to death. Fighting corruption and malversation, campaigning for a fair justice and fighting against all forms of violence, weapons and military, only a very humane, well-trained police, who should be above all your friend and helper, was sought as an executive. Resocialization instead of prison was another point of the IWH that has to be mentioned here, otherwise that was the whole concept by and large.
Freia used her extraordinary singing voice and her hacking ability as well as her political influence and company to promote the IWH.

After a short time there was an IWH in almost all countries of the world. In some countries, one would never have expected, because they sometimes did not even have a democracy, the IWH was so strong that a democracy with the IWH was installed as the strongest party. Throughout the media, the IWH and Freia was the number one topic. Freia was almost unbearably uncomfortable, but she could not abandon the IWH and her children, as she called them. She was driven by its own dynamic and IWH became stronger around the world day by day. Only in some totalitarian dictatorships, the supporters had to hide in the underground, in the other countries, they gradually moved into parliament.

Baldur had a new major order for Helios-Solaris and negotiated with Freia. That’s how they got to know and love each other. It was strange from the start because Freia kept typing in her phone during the meeting, which was contagious to Baldur. Imagine a meeting where the two main participants mainly type in their cell phone and say a sentence from time to time. It was almost scary, but then Baldur suddenly said, „I thought so, you could go down 3%.“ He looked at Freia enthusiastically and was very proud to have hacked her cell phone and her notes and calculations to have read. Freia looked him in the eye and smiled. She thought, „well, he fell for it, so he’s supposed to have the 3% and I’ll keep 5 for the IWH.“ Baldur could not read thoughts, but the reaction baffled him a bit. He would have expected the call for the security service rather than a smile. However, Baldur was fascinated by Freia from the first moment, and she also found him remarkable and interesting. Yes, he was sympathetic to her, or perhaps she even found him adorable when she imagines him blurting out his secret unrestrained without respect for the possible consequences. Baldur and Freia wanted to stay in touch, so they arranged a meeting in a remote mountain lodge before everyone went back to business.



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