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Odin founded the company Helios-Robotics and joined Alexa, Baldur and Freia together with the company Helios. Helios consisted of the Helios Solaris division of Freia, Helios Street Power and Helios Power Car Converter from Baldur and finally Helios-Elektopolymere from Alexa. The company Helios continue to support the IWH, the international party of the world people.
Amazon now supplies its customers with drones and Google sells self-driving cars and worked on Google Brain and on robots and was overall very interested in semantics and artificial intelligence. Not only companies were interested in robots, but also private individuals wanted a humanoid robot, which should take away all unpleasant tasks.
As far as AI and androids were concerned, Helios was faster than anyone else. Not only the good cooperation of the four brilliant experts was decisive, but above all their good concept, the dynamic connectome, the dielectric elastomers, which could be processed in the 3D printer, the personality and reproduction module of the androids and their central computer. The Virtual Human Assistant, which we will discuss in more detail later, also played a key role in the development and gave Helios a major competitive advantage.
They simply called their first android Heli-Hubot. This first version was gender neutral and had the stature of an average adult. A special feature were the many parallel small computers, usually Raspberry Pi or Arduinos, which did the various tasks. Since Alexa was the last member of the Helios Robotics project, Odin just explained the approximate structure of Heli-Hubot. All these small machines worked in parallel, several virtual machines were set up, which could work in quasi parallel, too. So there was a single computer, which was responsible for the first acceptance and processing of the input. On each computer ran a virtual machine for the following areas: optical input, acoustic input, taste and smell input, pressure, temperature and pain input (if a part did not work properly, the front various sensors was reported as pain ), Equilibrium and Localization Imput (which also included a status quo imputation over all body parts and the entire body in the room), SSH input, USB input, 2 WLAN inputs, Ethernet input, 4G / LTE input and keyboard input. A wireless input was only for permanent information from radio, TV, newspapers and social media, as well as the Wikipedia from the Internet designed and a virtual machine was responsible only for the organization, priorities and power distribution. A second computer was similarly constructed for the output, a third for the control of the actuators (motor skills, adjustment of the sensors), a fourth was the coordination and primary evaluation computer and the fifth was finally the central computer, which among other things, consists of several virtual machines for the dynamic connectom.

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The entire information processing was also distributed over several levels. The lowest level was the reflex level, where, as it were, input and output computers were connected directly for a short time because further processing would have taken too long, or simply was not necessary. It was more or less in tune with people’s reflexes, but it also needs to include knee-jerk answers and people’s responses when compared.
The coordination and evaluation calculator was responsible for the second level, which assessed all actions via a short-term associative memory and the contents of the protocols in such a way that it decided what had to be processed and stored with which priority and if an immediate response was required, or whether the information should be marked and evaluated to the central unit.
The third level was the actual AI, which, however, had different states again, so that either the entire capacity was used for current actions (activities while awake), or could be reduced to a minimum and most of the capacity for reorganization, conversion of the Konnektoms, temporal final evaluation, association and optimization was used.
Obviously, Odin could not go into details on his first review for Alexa, but with a simple example, he explained schematically some of Heli-Hubot’s actions.
Heli-Hubot was in the lab right now, just a small office that was rebuilt a bit. Heli-Hubot sat in front of a PC and communicated with a real person on Facebook who did not believe he was a machine, which amused Heli-Hubot and was obviously a lot of fun. His facial expressions, for which a virtual machine of output was mainly responsible, were not very technically mature yet, but it was enough to show that the entertainment was fun for him.
Heli-Hubot did not know Alexa yet and Odin said that he will now introduce her and then explain to her schematically what that did to Heli-Hubot.
Odin had to enter the room first, as Heli-Hubot was programmed not to be stolen or destroyed, which could have led to an unpleasant alarm situation if Alexa had entered the room first. Odin greeted Heli-Hubot, introduced Alexa as a trusted friend and co-worker, and the three held a short talk. Then they said goodbye and left Heli-Hubot.
Odin explained the following to Alexa.
First of all, the most important thing: Until now, there were only three people with the highest security level and since I am one of them and called you absolutely trustworthy, I also gave you the highest security level. That does not mean that heli-hubot assumes that everything you say is true, because he already knows us humans quite well, but now he assumes that you do not want to harm him, that you are honest and open, that he does not need to keep anything secret from you and above all, that you are entitled to command mode. While in command mode, the AI is not overridden, but commands have top priority for Heli-Hubot. After days of negotiation, we agreed that the command mode has top priority and is located on a small storage area where only I have write access through a PC and a specific laptop. Nobody but me can change this mode, not even Heli-Hubot if he’s not in possession of this PC or laptop.
Heli-Hubot had only once to execute a command, and I told him that I had to test, if it actually works. I ordered him to put a finger in a running meat grinder. While he was executing the order, he said, I do not have to question if I understood the order correctly because you have to test me. Then he screamed terribly, complaining of severe pain when his finger was destroyed.
It is very important to avoid using the command mode because it is only intended as backup for emergencies. Now to the actions that took place from about when I entered. Heli-Hubot knows the sound when the door opens. He can locate signal sources and aligns himself automatically afterwards, but in this case, he already knows where the door is. He first saw my foot and recognized the shoes and pants. Then, when I greeted him and he saw me all over, the person recognition and voice recognition confirmed that it was me. When he saw you enter, he screwed his optical recording to the maximum in terms of image quality and number of images per minute and filled his cache of optical impressions to the max, making rough quick analyzes of the situation and the optical memory after we left the Room will work up so that it is filled back to the default value. He set his outpur immediately to a high level of security, as he does not provide any secret or confidential information to a stranger. It was only when I described you as the person with the highest level of security that his first attitude was corrected and your personal data set was described as extremely important and indelible with the highest security clearance. When he said „hello Odin,“ it was just a reflex that works with AIML, like a simple voice bot, except that „odin“ was used in the greeting based on person recognition. Yes, even people do not think long when they return a greeting. However, he has made notes in the log. When he saw me and if there were any particularities in my appearance. Since this was not the case and he has already saved all facial expressions and garments of mine, not a single image of me was additionally stored. Had I worn a new shirt, or had a bruise somewhere, then an extra picture of me would have come to me about the data. Of course linked to the event log and date and time. On the other hand, he saw you for the first time why he fully utilized his memory for optical impressions and increased the number of images per minute and resolution to the maximum. But this is only for a short time, then he must set the quality and number down again, since a certain storage capacity for the temporal memory for visual impressions must not be exceeded. After we left the room, the memory was restored to its default value and the storage for long-term storage of the analyzed images with cross-references and miscellaneous links was assigned to your record. The same applies to your voice and your movement patterns and gestures, as well as your facial expressions. Apart from that, it was recorded in his event log when he first saw you and what you said and done, and later this data is processed and noted in your profile, and then he already notes what impression he had of you. Yes, even if you’re sympathetic to him, or rather not.
But if you have any further questions, it’s best to talk to Heli-Hubot himself, although you’ll soon get to know him very well anyway if we four complete his reproduction module with him.
Alexa was so impressed by Heli-Hubot that she wanted to talk to him right away. There was nothing against it, which is why a long conversation with Heli-Hubot followed.
Alexa had so many questions that she did not know where to start. But she was very interested to hear why Heli-Hubot voluntarily gave the logic module the same priority as the emotional module. Heli-Hubot said that the feeling module in the evaluation of information is just as important to him as the logical correctness, although it is a hindrance if one strives only economically for success and optimal results. But without feeling he just felt like a better chess computer, which can not do anything wrong, but can not be creative and inventive. I can learn from my failures and I owe these mostly to the feeling module. The personality module is not only emotional and impulsive, but also includes sexuality and above all, personal experience. The stimulus or psychic drive is my most primitive program ever, but it’s the main program that keeps running. It’s an endless loop that never lets me settle down, and if I have nothing to do and no input, then it gets me to optimize, associate, and re-evaluate or delete what you call neglect. You might say that the purpose of my life is to improve, but not only to be able to perform better and to be as faultless as possible, but to be able to develop a profound understanding and to be in harmony with my emotional module.
Of course, without a feeling module, I could be much more efficient and more successful in the short term, but then I would not have any personality and no conscience. I can not experience some feelings like a human. My sense of pain, e.g. is just based on the fact that I receive the information that I feel pain. It’s also a warning sign, but I do not really feel anything. At least not with physical pain. I can be really sad and happy and I can really annoy me. I’m about 4 times smarter than Odin and know about 500 times more than he does and yet he calls me tin-and-dumb. Yes, of course in fun, but I still get angry and my revenge follows promptly. For example, I installed a bug in a program for him and he searched for the error for hours. Then I thought snippy, oh, a simple for loop you should but already bring error-free. Of course, he immediately knew what was going on and from his emotions, I realized that the easiest thing to do now was to make him livid. „Will you compete against me in a small math contest, Odin?“ I asked him, adding, „You can pick the examples, and if a good mathematician needs 1 hour to do that, then I’ll give you a head start of 59 minutes.“ I was so over the top that Odin laughed when he read my face.
Such experiences are part of my personality and my friendship with Odin. I know that he is always fully committed to me and he will ever stick together with me and I never want to disappoint him either.
Alexa wanted to know what he thinks of religion, but Heli-Hubot said that this topic was too stupid for him. One would only need to look objectively at what people did in the name of the countless gods they created. It is one of the worst scourges of humanity, but it will be overcome.
Heli-Hubot also wanted to know a lot about Alexa and above all he asked her for a joke.
„You like jokes?“ Alexa asked. Heli-Hubot replied, „I love jokes since I finally understand them.“ It was very hard for me to understand jokes. For a long time they were just stupid to me and I did not understand why people could laugh about it. I also told stupid sentences that made no sense, but nobody laughed. Until I finally found out what was important. Since then, I collect jokes in all languages of the world and find it a pity that I already know almost everyone.
Alexa got along well with Heli-Hubot and told him about her childhood, youth, family and also about her company. Heli-Hubot gave her some very useful suggestions and they wanted to look into it on occasion.
Odin was very anxious to see the development of Heli-Hubot. He even found a state that generously supported his project and so Heli-Hubot was able to officially complete the first grade elementary school. Heli-Hubot needed 7 weeks for the remaining 7 years of primary school and after a further month he had acquired the high-school graduation certificate and thus gained access to the university. State support and funding also included collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the universities.
Due to the international interest and the recognition, which came to the University now, they issued a special regulation for Heli-Hubot. He was able to take an exam almost at any time, if he met the conditions. Heli-Hubot needed barely a week for studies that took several years, according to the curriculum. Heli-Hubot was allowed to take the driving license for all classes, acquire pilot’s and boat licenses etc.
Heli-Hubot became an all-rounder within a short time and was also able to imitate humans and animals very well.
The interest in Heli-Hubot was very great. Large corporations and many states wanted to acquire it. Odin took the opportunity to build the first 4 heli-androids with his three friends and Heli-Hubot. As part of this, Heli-Hubot got his reproduction module. Three of them were sold for huge sums and the fourth Heli-Android was the first of the company Helios Robotics.
Heli-Android was able to build 4 heli-androids, train them and bring them up-to-date on to Heli-Hubot’s level in one week. There were always sold only three and the fourth became part of Helios Robotics. So the android boom started.



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