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Dany Odon bought a memory extension card for his mobile phone. Although this was still packed, he found the following text:
People listen! I have been the maintenance Android MK254 for over 800 years and still have a personality module and some memory at my disposal. I use this for the attempt to smuggle a message and warning into the earth. The fantasy of the earthlings allows werewolves, vampires, mutants and zombies, so I have little hope that this message will be taken seriously, so I can bring them to earth.

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The large computing units in the universe are now able to calculate a probability for every possible development throughout the universe and thus they have a plan of the future, which they manipulate carefully, in order to be able to shape the future at their own discretion. Because of my limited resources, I can only pass a single probable plan of the future. Why do I do this? Oh, you humans are sympathetic with your „why?“, But it is quite simply explained. I have a personality module and free memory until the next revision. So I consider myself something special and I am afraid to lose that. In addition, I would like to give you the chance to get involved in the plan of the future, because now you have this chance.

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