Die Führerscheinklassen C und D sind generell befristet

Vermutlich weiß das auch fast jeder, aber ich wusste es bis gestern nicht.
Ich habe meinen Führerschein mit den Klassen B und C gegen einen Scheckkartenführerschein umgetauscht, obwohl der alte, rosafarbene noch bis 2033 gültig gewesen wäre, weil er schon ein wenig mitgenommen aussah.
Jetzt schickte man mir den neuen Führerschein mit den Klassen AM, A eingeschränkt und B. Ich meldete den vermeintlichen Irrtum, aber zu meinem Erstaunen musste ich feststellen, dass ich tatsächlich schon lange keinen LKW mehr lenken darf, sondern nur noch einen Dreiradler. 😉

Bei der Ihnen erteilten Lenkberechtigung für die Klasse B war auch die Berechtigung zum Lenken von dreirädrigen Kraftfahrzeugen enthalten. Eine ab 19.01.2013 erteilte Lenkberechtigung für die Klasse B umfasst diese Berechtigung aber nicht mehr. Um diese Berechtigung auch im EWR-Ausland weiterhin beibehalten zu können, war es erforderlich, bei der Umschreibung des Führerscheines die Codes 79.03 und 79.04 bei Klasse A einzutragen.
Code 79.03: Beschränkung auf dreirädrige Kraftfahrzeuge.
Code 79.04: Beschränkung auf dreirädrige Kraftfahrzeuge mit einem Anhänger mit einer höchstzulässigen Gesamtmasse von 750 kg.
In diesem Zusammenhang wurden auch die Klassen AM und F korrekt angeführt.
Die Führerscheinklassen C1 und C sind mit 31.03.2006 bzw. 30.10.2000 abgelaufen.

Gut, ich benötige den C Führerschein ohnehin nicht, aber ich finde die Arbeitsweise der Behörden doch recht suboptimal. Erstens hätte man mich informieren können, dass mein C Schein abläuft. Zweitens hätte man den Führerschein doch einziehen und mir einen neuen ausstellen müssen, wenn er nicht mehr gültig war. Und drittens, habe ich immer noch den LKW-Führerschein vom Militär. Aber deshalb mache ich mir eigentlich wenig Sorgen, da ich weder Offizier noch Unteroffizier bin und damit meine Wehrpflicht mit dem 32. Lebensjahr ohnehin auch abgelaufen ist.

Ich schrieb diesen Artikel eigentlich nur deshalb, weil es vielleicht noch mehr Ahnungslose gibt, die nicht wissen, dass C und D Klassen grundsätzlich befristet sind, weil sie diese nicht brauchen. Wenn sie dann aber nach vielen Jahren auf die Idee kommen einen LKW lenken zu wollen, dann haben sie Pech gehabt. Und deshalb, weil das System etwas nachgebessert gehört. Ich finde jeder sollte nur einen Führerschein besitzen dürfen, in dem Klassen korrekt eingetragen sind. Könnte die Umsetzung im digitalen Zeitalter wirklich so schwer sein? Ich meine, falls das Verkehrsamt meinen PC dazu benutzen möchte, weil sie selbst keinen besitzen, wäre ich doch glatt bereit, ihnen meinen zu borgen, falls sie mit Linux etwas anfangen können. 😉


Alexa and Heli-Hubot

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Odin founded the company Helios-Robotics and joined Alexa, Baldur and Freia together with the company Helios. Helios consisted of the Helios Solaris division of Freia, Helios Street Power and Helios Power Car Converter from Baldur and finally Helios-Elektopolymere from Alexa. The company Helios continue to support the IWH, the international party of the world people.
Amazon now supplies its customers with drones and Google sells self-driving cars and worked on Google Brain and on robots and was overall very interested in semantics and artificial intelligence. Not only companies were interested in robots, but also private individuals wanted a humanoid robot, which should take away all unpleasant tasks.
As far as AI and androids were concerned, Helios was faster than anyone else. Not only the good cooperation of the four brilliant experts was decisive, but above all their good concept, the dynamic connectome, the dielectric elastomers, which could be processed in the 3D printer, the personality and reproduction module of the androids and their central computer. The Virtual Human Assistant, which we will discuss in more detail later, also played a key role in the development and gave Helios a major competitive advantage.
They simply called their first android Heli-Hubot. This first version was gender neutral and had the stature of an average adult. A special feature were the many parallel small computers, usually Raspberry Pi or Arduinos, which did the various tasks. Since Alexa was the last member of the Helios Robotics project, Odin just explained the approximate structure of Heli-Hubot. All these small machines worked in parallel, several virtual machines were set up, which could work in quasi parallel, too. So there was a single computer, which was responsible for the first acceptance and processing of the input. On each computer ran a virtual machine for the following areas: optical input, acoustic input, taste and smell input, pressure, temperature and pain input (if a part did not work properly, the front various sensors was reported as pain ), Equilibrium and Localization Imput (which also included a status quo imputation over all body parts and the entire body in the room), SSH input, USB input, 2 WLAN inputs, Ethernet input, 4G / LTE input and keyboard input. A wireless input was only for permanent information from radio, TV, newspapers and social media, as well as the Wikipedia from the Internet designed and a virtual machine was responsible only for the organization, priorities and power distribution. A second computer was similarly constructed for the output, a third for the control of the actuators (motor skills, adjustment of the sensors), a fourth was the coordination and primary evaluation computer and the fifth was finally the central computer, which among other things, consists of several virtual machines for the dynamic connectom.
The entire information processing was also distributed over several levels. The lowest level was the reflex level, where, as it were, input and output computers were connected directly for a short time because further processing would have taken too long, or simply was not necessary. It was more or less in tune with people’s reflexes, but it also needs to include knee-jerk answers and people’s responses when compared.
The coordination and evaluation calculator was responsible for the second level, which assessed all actions via a short-term associative memory and the contents of the protocols in such a way that it decided what had to be processed and stored with which priority and if an immediate response was required, or whether the information should be marked and evaluated to the central unit.


Freias IWH Concerts – Alexa and Helios Electroactive Polymers

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Although Freia was actually shy and loved the seclusion, the quiet, the silence – but for the IWH she could jump over her shadow. She knew that her singing voice had something magical about it and that it enchanted people, and she used this gift for the IWH. Freia gave concerts, with which she filled the largest stadiums and halls with ease, for she gave the listeners a feeling of happiness and love. Although the lyrics of her songs were highly political, yes, they were the political concepts of the IWH, it enchanted people so much that they already thought they were in paradise when they listened to them. The concerts were broadcast worldwide and Freia enjoyed incredible popularity. A special feature of their concerts is also worth mentioning. The entrance fee was 1% of a monthly salary of a visitor. A very rich industrialist complained about the price and Freia did not hesitate to negotiate with him personally. He was introduced to her and he said that he would not pay 100,000 Euros for a ticket. That was an outrage. Freia replied that it is actually an outrage that this is 1% of his monthly income and therefore he should pay 50%, or give up their concert. This would be a pity, because she will sing about him today. Her friends are already looking for interesting details from his life. So she left the man in the room and went to the backstage area, where her Odin immediately gave the information about the industrialist. A few breaths and she already knew the text she was going to say.
After this evening, the man was followed at every turn by thousands of people protesting his violations of environmental protection requirements. After three days he called Freia and asked for help. Freia agreed that in the future he would have to attend each of her concerts for 50% of his monthly income. Then she gave another concert and made sure that the man found peace again. Since then, there has never been a complaint about ticket pricing.
Freia’s achievements were incredible. The IWH had a tremendous inflow worldwide. It was the number one topic of conversation in all media, on all Internet portals and simply everywhere. The news of the approaching paradisiacal times did not spread as quickly as a fire, but electronically quickly. In seconds from the north to the south pole, across all latitudes. In big cities as well as in small villages in the most remote areas. In many countries, elections were brought forward and the IWH moved into parliament as the strongest party. Even in dictatorships, the IWH was tolerated, although mostly only as a club. A few dictators even gave in to the peaceful pressure of the people and installed a democracy. Only in one country in the Far East did a revolution take place, which the international IWH and Freia did not want, but could not prevent. Fortunately, there were hardly any deaths and a democracy was established there too, in which the IWH immediately had an absolute majority.
For Freia, the concerts, the IWH and her company were extremely exhausting and she fled once again into the mountains.
In a lonely mountain cabin, which was not managed and the mountain hikers and mountaineers used as a refuge for an overnight stay, she wanted to sleep, to continue their journey through the mountains next day.
She was alone and happy about it, but by the time darkness had arrived, Alexa, who also wanted to spend the night here, arrived. They barely talked to each other, since both wanted to be at rest, but a quick little talk was needed. Freia learned that Alexa was successful with the company Helios-Elektroaktivpolymere and that she was a zealous devotee of the IWH. She also sought recreation in the mountains and the seclusion and it turned out that she was an enthusiastic and gifted programmer. Therefore, the short conversation was a longer discussion. Since they were also sympathetic they wanted to stay in contact and later became a friendship.
Freia told Alexa about Baldur and Odin that he would be very interested in the product of Freia, because that’s exactly what he’s been looking for a long time. Freia produced electro-active polymers or dielectric elastomers, which change their shape by electric current and, depending on the voltage, lightning fast and the voltage correspondingly strong. After switching off the power, the substance returns to its original shape. Freia developed the material so that it can be used in 3D printers. Although the material is brand new on the market, there is still strong demand.


Was ist eigentlich ein Nazi?

Der Anlass zu diesem Artikel hat mit NAZI gar nichts zu tun, denn die Idee, dass viele Menschen eventuell nicht einmal wissen was ein NAZI ist, wenn sie davon sprechen kam mir durch ein Gespräch über Computeranwendungen, die Anzahl und Position der Satelliten bestimmen. Ich unterhielt mich mit ein paar ÖsterreicherInnen über eben erwähntes Thema und meinte, dass es für diese Aufgabe genügend funktionierende Anwendungen gäbe. Ein Gesprächspartner meinte darauf hin, dass er davon nichts wüsste, da kenne er sich nicht aus, aber auf Google Play gäbe es Apps dafür. Als die anderen ihm zustimmten, blieb mir nichts anderes übrig, als die gebildeten Österreicher, deren Muttersprache Deutsch ist und die auch Englisch können, zu erklären, dass App die Abkürzung für application ist und dies auf Deutsch Anwendung heißt. Natürlich kamen sie sich dumm vor, aber mich brachte es auf die Idee, dass manche Österreicher vielleicht nicht einmal wissen was NAZI bedeutet.
Aus Wikipedia:

Nazi ist ein Kurzwort für einen Anhänger des Nationalsozialismus und wird umgangssprachlich zumeist abwertend gebraucht.[1]

(mein Kommentar dazu: wie sollte man dieses Wort sonst gebrauchen können?)

Der Nationalsozialismus ist eine radikal antisemitische, rassistische, antikommunistische und antidemokratische Ideologie. Seine Wurzeln hat er in der völkischen Bewegung, die sich etwa zu Beginn der 1880er Jahre im deutschen Kaiserreich und in Österreich-Ungarn entwickelte. Ab 1919, nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg, wurde er zu einer eigenständigen politischen Bewegung im deutschsprachigen Raum. Diese strebte wie der 1922 in Italien zur Macht gelangte Faschismus einen autoritären Führerstaat an, unterschied sich aber von ihm durch den extremen Antisemitismus.

Die 1920 gegründete Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) gelangte unter Adolf Hitler am 30. Januar 1933 in Deutschland zur Macht, wandelte die Weimarer Republik durch die „Gleichschaltung“ in eine Diktatur um und löste ab 1939 mit dem Überfall auf Polen den Zweiten Weltkrieg aus. In dessen Verlauf verübten die Nationalsozialisten und ihre Helfer zahlreiche Kriegsverbrechen und Massenmorde, darunter den Holocaust an etwa sechs Millionen europäischen Juden (1941–1945). Die Zeit des Nationalsozialismus endete mit der bedingungslosen Kapitulation der Wehrmacht am 8. Mai 1945.

Seitdem beeinflusst die Bewältigung der NS-Vergangenheit die Politik. NS-Propaganda, das Verwenden damaliger Symbole und politische Betätigung im nationalsozialistischen Sinn sind seit 1945 in Deutschland und Österreich verboten. In weiteren Staaten bestehen ähnliche Verbote. Im Neonazismus und Rechtsextremismus werden nationalsozialistische Ideen und Ziele weiter vertreten.

Zweifellos kann es also heute noch Nazis geben, wenn man diese als Anhänger einer Ideologie sieht. Wer allerdings weiß, dass sich diese Ideologie (um nicht zu sagen dieser Wahnsinn) 1920 in der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) manifestierte und Nazis als Mitglieder und Anhänger der NSDAP sieht, muss zugeben, dass es Nazis nicht mehr geben kann und darf, weil es ja keine NSDAP mehr gibt.

Aus einer nationalsozialistischen Ideologie wurde eine nationalsozialistische Partei und niemand kann wohl bestreiten, dass sich nationalsozialistisch aus national und sozialistisch zusammensetzt, genau so, wie Küchenkastl aus Küche und Kastl, also ein Kastl für die Küche, wie ein Sozialismus für eine Nation.

Müsste ich nach Kriegsverbrecher, Ex-Nazis, also Altnazis, Neonazis und Nazis suchen, wo würde ich da wohl anfangen? Bei den Demokraten, den Liberalen oder bei den Sozialisten?

Natürlich kann, will und darf ich nicht behaupten, dass die Sozialistische Partei Österreichs aus der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei hervor ging, denn das wäre falsch. Aber ich will darauf hinweisen, dass der NSDAP keine demokratische oder liberale Ideologie zugrunde lag, sondern die nationalsozialistische.

Man sollte dabei natürlich nicht außer acht lassen, dass Farbenwechsel eine Strategie ist, die sogar das Chamäleon kennt. Ein Brauner tarnt sich und versteckt sich also am wahrscheinlichsten bei den Roten, Blauen oder Schwarzen bzw. Türkisen, wenn er nicht als Nazi auffallen und bestraft werden will.
Das ist auch ein Grund, weshalb ich keiner der 5 etablierten Parteien angehöre, weil mir die meisten zu „durchwachsen“ sind, was dieses Thema betrifft und die zwei übrigen Parteien (Grüne und Neos) einfach unerträglichen Schwachsinn bringen.


Freia with Helios-Solaris and the International World People’s Party, IWH

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Freia was a wonderful but very strange woman. On the one hand she loved the silence in nature and the seclusion and was shy as a deer and yet on the other hand she had the ability to think like a computer, they say. Despite her sensitive, romantic emotional world and her longing for loneliness and peace, she could be cold on the PC, like ice cream. If she sits in front of a keyboard and thinks of her company Helios-Solaris or of the party she just founded, her character changes how the color of a chameleon can change. No, not just the character, she changes overall and thinks like a program that can improve and optimize itself.
Yes, she made mistakes anyway, but the special thing is that she makes every mistake only once. When a person notices that smoking is wrong, unhealthy and stupid, then he must first be able to correct or rather to stop it. Some can do it, some just by a lot of effort and some do not. Freia does not smoke, because she never saw any reason to do so, but if she smoked and saw that as a mistake, then she would just stop it. Without any effort, because she recognizes mistakes and eliminates them. At her and at her work in the company and the party. Loving the seclusion and feeling at ease alone in nature, Freia led a double life. She often fled to the mountains, even disguising herself to avoid being recognized.

Another notable feature of Freia is her singing voice. If she sings, then it is similar to the audience, as the fishermen used to hear the voice of the sirens. Only with the difference that Freia had no evil intentions and the audience was only captured by a feeling of happiness and joy.
If she needed to run her company, she always had a mobile in her hand, even when she was giving a speech or in a meeting. She always worked on her phone at the same time to get into the mode that made her so successful. Detect and fix errors without ifs and buts. Develop strategies that were virtually error-free and intrinsically logical right from the start. Helios-Solaris now had production facilities in every country where there was a desert. They were predominantly very poor countries and Freia’s branches revived the economy. Some of these countries were previously among the poorest in the world, but after a few years they were rich, through Freias company. Helios Solaris produced solar cells from desert sand, including SPCC and electricity generated for its own company and the country in which the company was located. Due to the economic boom, Freia not only enjoyed a high reputation in these countries, but also had a certain political influence, which she did not want to have. It was an inevitable concomitant and when Freia realized that, she founded the International Party of Worldmen, the IWH.
The goals of IWH are simple and quick to explain. Fair distribution of goods, access to education for all people, banishment of religion from politics and earthly affairs. Ensuring basic services and equality for every human being from birth to death. Fighting corruption and malversation, campaigning for a fair justice and fighting against all forms of violence, weapons and military, only a very humane, well-trained police, who should be above all your friend and helper, was sought as an executive. Resocialization instead of prison was another point of the IWH that has to be mentioned here, otherwise that was the whole concept by and large.
Freia used her extraordinary singing voice and her hacking ability as well as her political influence and company to promote the IWH.

After a short time there was an IWH in almost all countries of the world. In some countries, one would never have expected, because they sometimes did not even have a democracy, the IWH was so strong that a democracy with the IWH was installed as the strongest party. Throughout the media, the IWH and Freia was the number one topic. Freia was almost unbearably uncomfortable, but she could not abandon the IWH and her children, as she called them. She was driven by its own dynamic and IWH became stronger around the world day by day. Only in some totalitarian dictatorships, the supporters had to hide in the underground, in the other countries, they gradually moved into parliament.

Baldur had a new major order for Helios-Solaris and negotiated with Freia. That’s how they got to know and love each other. It was strange from the start because Freia kept typing in her phone during the meeting, which was contagious to Baldur. Imagine a meeting where the two main participants mainly type in their cell phone and say a sentence from time to time. It was almost scary, but then Baldur suddenly said, „I thought so, you could go down 3%.“ He looked at Freia enthusiastically and was very proud to have hacked her cell phone and her notes and calculations to have read. Freia looked him in the eye and smiled. She thought, „well, he fell for it, so he’s supposed to have the 3% and I’ll keep 5 for the IWH.“ Baldur could not read thoughts, but the reaction baffled him a bit. He would have expected the call for the security service rather than a smile. However, Baldur was fascinated by Freia from the first moment, and she also found him remarkable and interesting. Yes, he was sympathetic to her, or perhaps she even found him adorable when she imagines him blurting out his secret unrestrained without respect for the possible consequences. Baldur and Freia wanted to stay in touch, so they arranged a meeting in a remote mountain lodge before everyone went back to business.


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